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Senior activity monitoring

The HandEyeHOME motion detector product package is a convenient solution to monitor that an elderly person living at home moves in his apartment in the normal way. It creates security and allows you to react quickly, if the amount of motion detected is less than typical. The system gradually learns each day of the week typical business accumulations on an hourly basis and is able to notify you by email if the business misses at certain times of the day less than half of the typical. The product package is also convenient if for example, you want to monitor the usage levels of different spaces on a property. Contact us to hear more about this offering.

The product package includes two motion detectors that you can place in suitable places in the apartment. Motion detectors have batteries and only need to be charged a few times a year. In addition The packages include 4G Wifi modem, through which motion sensors are connected to the cloud service. Installation is easy: You just put the data-sim card you use in 4G modem and switch power ON to it and to the devices. After that, you can monitor, for example, the movement accumulated during the last day with your mobile phone or a browser via the HandEyeHOME online service.


The interface is simple. You can see from it:

  • Hourly motion observations accumulated during the day

  • Total observations over last 7 days

  • Last day and last 12 hourly motion observations per hour

The system gradually learns each day of the week and its typical movements for the hour and they are displayed curves as a bluish background. This is how you see directly whether the current situation is different from the typical one.

You can also turn on the alarm if it accumulates
the momentum is less than half of the lesson and gain email it with information about it.


You can see the data both by motion sensor and
summed up of all motion detectors.

The HandEyeHOME motion detector package creates additional security for example senior housing.

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