"Keep Your Home Comfortable And Safe"

HandEyeHOME helps you to take care

Adjust heating, cooling and air conditioning to a comfortable level by controlling your HVAC with HandEyeHOME IR Transceiver or take pictures with HandEyeHOME Camera to see what's going on at the premises.

With these products you can see that temperature and humidity in your home are on a healthy level, beaware of electricity breaks which would require action or catch any unwanted movement in thepremises preaching safety. You will even get emails, if alarm conditions set by you are exceeded.

But it's not only that. If you are worried did your kids get home from school or that grandparents are
having a typical day then HandEyeHOME 24h movement monitoring gives you tools that.

HandEyeHOME where ever you are

HandEyeHOME works from where ever you are, even when you are away. HandEyeHOME
products connect to internet using WLAN. Just open your HandEyeHOME App or login to
HandEyeHOME cloud service with Browser from anywhere and you are able to see and take action.


What if you are travelling and your partner would need to adjust home temperature remotely? No
problem! HandEyeHOME is a family service. You can create user accounts for your family
members, so that also they can use HandEyeHOME products locally and remotely while you are

HandEyeHOME where to Get

Its easy to get HandEyeHOME products. Visit our web-store to purchase HandEyeHOME products:

In Finland you can also get our products from HandEyeHOME distributor.


 HandEyeHOME Smart Cam

HandEyeHOME Smart Cam monitors your home when wanted. By activating the motion detection you will get a notification when there is movement detected in your home. A photograph and alarm information is stored to the cloud and the alarm information is sent to the user. The device has a backup battery which enables it also to send alarms in case of power failure.


​HandEyeHOME Smart Cam also enables you to capture pictures remotely. This is a great feature if you would like to check that everything is in order at home or in your summer cottage. You can also easily follow the motion activity at your home at one glance or make sure that your elderly relatives are doing well and have normal daily motion activity. 


HandEyeHOME IR transceiver

The HandEyeHOME IR transceiver allows you to control your HVAC devices through the HandEyeHOME cloud service from wherever you are. It also allows the user to record other remote control signals, which enables you to control other IR devices in your home.

The HandEyeHOME IR transceiver has temperature and humidity sensors, which monitor your premises informing you of any abnormal conditions.


All alarm levels can easily be set by the user. You can also choose where you want the alarms to be sent to.

You can find the device setup guide videos here:

Installing HandEyeHOME devices

You can control them by web browser or app.

You will find the apps in the stores by clicking the icons. 

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